CD Deutsche Eigenheim, Berlin

Processes + Organisation

Business consulting

The aim of this project was to professionalise the cost management and profitability calculation of CD Deutsche Eigenheim. For this purpose, the systematics of both areas in the status quo were questioned in order to find and establish suitable new calculation tools.


In order to be able to discuss the issues in a well-founded manner, it was necessary to understand the previous processes in the area of cost management from the ground up and to develop the corresponding understanding for the client.

Added value

Through the basic understanding of the company and the process questioning, optimisation potentials were identified and accurate cost and profitability forecasts were made possible.

Project data

  • Service area

    Processes + Organisation

  • Solution

    Business consulting

  • Client

    CD Deutsche Eigenheim AG

  • Project

    CD Deutsche Eigenheim

  • Focus

    Project development processes, especially cost and calculation management

  • Location


  • Timeframe

    07/2016 to 09/2016

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