Direct real estate investment SDK, Germany

Transaction + Investment

Investment management

Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung a. G. was also looking for a partner to develop and implement a strategy for the real estate sector in order to strategically realign the capital investment. We were responsible for developing the new direct investment strategy. In addition, we implemented this strategy by acting as investment manager in the areas of deal sourcing, preparation of property business plans, conducting negotiations and managing the acquisition process.


Since the client had not yet appeared as a direct investor on the real estate market, he first had to be made known as such on the market in order to be able to start purchasing suitable properties. Simultaneously, a closed-end alternative investment fund (with an external service capital management company) was founded for this purpose, into which the existing portfolio was initially also brought. Building up the portfolio was particularly challenging due to the ambitious risk-return profile..

Added value

We very quickly succeeded in placing SDK on the market as a capable and professional direct investor. Our actions as a comprehensive investment manager made it possible to build up a diversified portfolio of more than € 600 million within three years and even to exceed the return targets set in the strategy.

Project data

  • Service area

    Transaction + Investment

  • Solution

    Investment management

  • Client

    Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung a. G.

  • Project

    Direct real estate investment SDK

  • Focus

    Direct real estate investment within the total capital investment

  • Object count


  • Location

    throughout Germany

  • Project value

    € 1,2 bn

  • Timeframe

    07/2017 to 12/2020

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