Client representation

Representing your interests as a client comprehensively and in the best possible way

In larger construction projects, numerous tasks, challenges and decisions have to be overcome in order to ensure the success of the project. This is where many building owners reach the limits of their capacities or their possibilities. To ensure that you do not have to face these challenges by yourself, it is the best decision to involve a holistic and cross-project representation of interests on the client's side, the client representation. And we are the ideal partner for this task.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Assumption of all delegable technical and commercial client duties
  • Joint definition of all project objectives, taking into account the main parameters influencing the project
  • Overall coordination and management of all participants in terms of the project objectives
  • Individual project management strategies depending on specific needs and market situation
  • Structuring and implementation of all necessary processes
  • Continuous and transparent overall coordination of costs, deadlines and qualities
  • Contribution of our broad competences and market knowledge
  • Active, forward-looking and solution-oriented approach at all times

What benefit you receive

  • A central project contact and personal advisor for you
  • Maximum relief through delegation of the client's tasks
  • Competence and reliability at your side
  • Creation of transparency in every project phase
  • Exploitation of opportunities and reduction of project risks
  • Success for your project

FAQ client representation

How are my interests as a building contractor ideally represented?

The role of the client and its tasks are actively assumed by the client representation. The owner's representative takes over the overall coordination of the project and forms the owner's interface to all project participants. Ideally, the owner's representative is deployed from project set-up to commissioning, so that professionalism, quality and continuity are guaranteed in all areas. It acts in close coordination with the client and is familiar with the client's goals and ideas.

With a builder's representation by albrings + müller, your project becomes our joint project. The honest exchange with you and mutual trust are very important to us. Ultimately, we want to create value together. We actively contribute our entire technical and commercial expertise, project and management experience to the project at your side. Suitable development strategies are worked out at an early stage.

How do I meet the deadline, cost and quality targets?

The objectives and guidelines must be thoroughly examined, verified, discussed and defined at the very beginning of the project, hence the colloquial expression: "First ponder, then dowel". The later project participants must know the goals and identify with them. We use our experience and professional resources to keep an eye on compliance throughout the entire project. We also keep an eye on developments in the market environment. Necessary adjustments to targets are managed professionally and transparently. Opportunities and risks are actively monitored.

How do I ensure communication between all project participants?

Professional and goal-oriented communication is ensured by clear structures, good processes and organisational guidelines, and supported by appropriate project-specific tools. Equally important is good personal communication based on role understanding, appreciation, trust and team spirit. These components must be actively pursued and continuously maintained. We do this in our projects, using team-building workshops and team events from the start of the project, for example.

Why client representation and not project management?

Client representation is a fully comprehensive support service tailored to the client and his project for all tasks relevant to the owner during the entire course of the project. It is more extensive than project management and significantly more extensive than pure project control. This also includes a correspondingly high level of responsibility, combined with the necessary decision-making competences.

We are convinced that only a holistic support can lead to the success of the project. That's why you benefit from our expertise to the highest degree.

How will the client representation develop further?

This is a permanent process. On the one hand, we sharpen and professionalise the quality within the known services - on the other hand, we look at which services and innovations we can use to further advance the client and his plans. In any case, we enjoy constantly developing ourselves. We have recognised that, especially in partnership models, the client representation and the subsequent operative construction supervision ideally come from a single source and are closely networked with the client at eye level. The construction supervision service is adapted to the specific project requirements and implemented into the project at a very early stage. This leads to further added value for the client, as our general contractor construction supervision shows.

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