Expert opinion

Analyse and evaluate complex circumstances

When it comes to clearly clarifying and evaluating a disputed issue between different parties, the involvement of an authorised appraiser is advisable and not infrequently necessary. The issue can arise in different areas such as costs, scheduling or quality assurance. With our appraisals, we can help to clarify disputed issues in a well-founded and professional manner.

What we can specifically provide for you

  • Expert reports for damage to buildings (DESAG)
  • Expert appraisal and evaluation of disrupted planning and construction processes
  • Expert analysis of existing buildings and properties
  • Elaboration and evaluation of structural damage, critical planning and construction processes as well as fee issues
  • Expert opinions on expiry of warranty periods for construction measures
  • Qualified expert opinions on all types of contracts and common calculation methods
  • Preparation of private expert opinions and expert opinions on fee remuneration issues according to HOAI

What benefit you receive

  • In-depth and recognised expertise at your side
  • Fast learning curve and structured approach to complex issues
  • Extensive experience with large and challenging issues
  • Working through the issues at eye level with the parties involved
  • Development of targeted, neutral and independent solutions
  • Comprehensive and usable documentation of the results

FAQ Appraisal and expert opinion

What is the point of a private appraisal?

In order to find an out-of-court solution to disputed facts, a private expert opinion is useful. The private expert opinion is prepared on the initiative of one of the contracting parties or, for mediation purposes, often on behalf of both contracting parties.

What does it mean to examine a claim on the merits?

The supplementary audit on the merits means that a contract law audit is carried out to determine to what extent the performance formulated in a claim is contractually owed at all or not.

What does it mean to examine a claim in terms of amount?

After an examination of the reason for the contract, an examination of the amount can take place. In this check, the service rates, quantities and also the unit prices are closely examined on the basis of the contract calculation. This examination forms the basis for the commercial negotiation.

What services are provided by albrings + müller in determining the structural defects when the warranty expires?

We first evaluate the construction target owed for acceptance at that time on the basis of the acceptance protocols, the available inspection documents and the maintenance protocols. During an on-site inspection, the condition of the structural measure is determined and compared with the target performance owed. Any remaining deviations or defects are recorded and documented in the form of a report.

What is the added value in determining the structural defects at warranty expiry?

The added value for the client is that justified claims can be submitted to the contractor within the warranty periods and the client is spared additional costs.

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