Construction supervision

Construction supervision in safe hands

With our extensive experience and expertise, we can accompany and monitor the diverse and challenging construction processes for you on an individual basis. We control and coordinate all companies involved in the construction process with regard to quality, costs and deadlines, thus ensuring the success of your project.

Our services are based on your individual needs and the conditions of modern execution models, such as general contractor execution, partnering models or IPA / IPD. Within this framework, we offer you a tailor-made range of services that provide real added value for you and your project. And in most cases this is more economical than commissioning the HOAI service phase 8.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Individual construction suprvision
  • Ensuring the contractual content of all actors involved in the construction process
  • Supervising deadlines, costs and quality on the construction site
  • On-site supervision of GC projects and projects with new execution models (e.g. design & build, partnering model and IPD/IPA)
  • Control of all processes during construction and especially during commissioning, acceptance and handover (IAÜ)

What benefit you receive

  • Customised solutions that are usually more cost-effective than classic object supervision according to HOAI
  • Minimisation of sources of error through consolidated information transfer between client and construction site
  • Active control and supervision of the construction site
  • Deadline assurance through process-oriented construction management with lean management
  • Quality assurance and active implementation of improvement potentials
  • Interdisciplinary know-how across all cost groups
  • Looking outside the box while considering all project influences

FAQ construction supervision

How are my interests and demands ideally represented on the construction site?

With the synergies of client representation and construction supervision, we have a holistic view of your project. Through a continuous flow of information within the project team of representation of building contractor and construction supervisor, your individual focus topics in the project can be directly transferred into the construction processes. These synergies ensure short decision-making and information paths, and tasks are solved in an agile manner.

How are my schedule, cost and quality goals ensured and effectively tracked on site during construction?

Our experienced team, consisting of specialists and generalists in the construction industry, uses both traditional and modern methods and procedures, which are customised to your project to ensure success in terms of deadlines, costs and quality. We not only keep an eye on and actively manage the construction phase, but also the overall project and the associated, individual framework conditions and adjacent interests of the client, such as your move, furniture deliveries, user-side IT, follow-up projects etc.

What are partnership settlement models and how do I implement them?

Partnership-based management models have the approach of defining a common project goal for all participants. Frictional losses due to conflicts and corresponding correspondence are minimised in such a way that the project goal always remains in the foreground. Transparent communication with and by all participants, even in difficult situations, is actively managed and promoted by us. Our approach is to discuss challenges in projects at an early stage and with foresight, and to find a solution together. Your project goal will thus always remain in focus.

How does construction supervision differ from representation of building contractor?

We see ourselves as unit that creates synergies through active cooperation, representing your interests throughout the entire project execution process.

The clients representation takes over and advises you on strategic issues, while the general contractor construction supervision keeps an eye on everything operationally on site. Both services are closely networked and bring your complex project successfully to its goal.

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