Project analyses

Individual analyses for your real estate projects

Every development is based on a combination of location, idea and capital. With our analyses, we put all three factors and especially the overall success of your project to the test. The central basis for your investment decision and further project phases is a feasibility study that illuminates all the parameters influencing your project and identifies opportunities and risks.

Reliable foundations for your decisions

  • Comprehensive market, location and competition analyses
  • Determination or plausibility check of user needs and requirements
  • Development and evaluation of utilisation and development concepts
  • Development of project strategies
  • Calculation of project costs and revenue potentials
  • Static and dynamic profitability analyses to determine the return on investment
  • Residual value analyses to determine the fair market value of the property
  • Analysis of operator concepts including business planning
  • Identification of value creation potential

What benefit you receive

  • Customised analyses
  • Audit-proof basis for decisions
  • Clear recommendations for action
  • Individual project structuring
  • Reliable and optimised execution models

FAQ Project analyses

What is the added value of a project analysis for me?

Because the project strategy can only be based on forecasts and assumptions at an early stage of any project, sound project analyses provide you with security for your project and allow you to put it to the test once again. We provide you with an independent and reliable basis for your strategic decisions. We objectively compare several project variants and select the best one together with you. Based on this, the optimal project strategy can be derived, justified and documented.

At what point in the project should i have the analysis done?

You should have analysed the feasibility and economic viability of your project before buying the property or entering into the first contractual commitments. Of course, analyses can be carried out individually for each technical and commercial issue in the project.

How can my project be optimised?

The results of our analyses and studies always show the relevant levers and influencing parameters for optimising your project. We identify these fields of action for you and bring added value to your project in the ideal cost-benefit ratio.

If you have the feeling that you not only need to optimise a single project, but that processes are not running ideally or that the organisation is having a negative influence on your project, then we also have experience in this and will be happy to support you as part of our services in the area of "processes and organisation".

What happens after a feasibility study?

If the feasibility study concludes that your project can be realised technically and economically, the next step is to structure the project. At this point you will also have created a sound basis for entering into property purchase or planning contracts. For this subsequent phase, we are your ideal partner as the representative of building contractors or service developer.

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