Service Development

We develop your project for you

For us, project development is an individual service. As your reliable partner on a fee basis, we adapt our range of services according to your requirements. You benefit from our holistic approach in which we lead your project to success with both our commercial and technical expertise. Just as if it was our own. Our services are modular and cover the entire project development process.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Structuring of the entire project setup and project process from the very beginning
  • Commercial and technical development of innovative and cooperative execution models as well as corporate structures
  • Structuring of project financing
  • Preparation of business and economic plans
  • Management of the entire process of obtaining planning and building rights
  • Development of building land for your properties
  • Innovative project contracts
  • Structuring project marketing
  • Lean management and lean construction

What benefit you receive

  • Project structured according to requirements
  • Target-oriented project management
  • Economically successful development scenarios
  • Economically optimised project result
  • Avoidance of waste in the project development process
  • Holistic development through close integration of technical and commercial expertise
  • Security in dealing with all relevant risks
  • Targeted avoidance of potential conflicts

FAQ Service Development

Which development options are sensible and economical?

We take a close look at the framework and influencing parameters of your project and identify solid development options. We prepare individual profitability calculations for each possible variant. Subsequently, a separate risk-return analysis is carried out in each case in order to be able to select the best variant after comparing all possible options.

Which forms of use are most suitable?

The possible types of use for a project are initially determined by planning and building law. However, the development plan often allows scope for design and optimisation potential. Through the targeted development of the planning and building law based on detailed analyses, the ideal and most economical use for you can be implemented.

What are the possible settlement and contract structures?

Together, we analyse your professional and human resources as well as the project-specific framework conditions and, on this basis, set up the optimal project structure and the ideal execution model for you. Both the organisational structure, for example with a separate project company including the corresponding bodies, and the execution, for instance with individual awards, general contractor awards or innovative project execution models, are tailored to your requirements and needs.

Let's talk about how we can support your project

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