Municipal consulting

Active management instead of passive administration

When it comes to building management and the realisation of new construction and refurbishment projects, those responsible for decision-making in public sector organisations are confronted with a number of unique challenges: Often the political targets are ambitious, all actions are closely observed by the public and there are numerous interfaces within and outside the city hall or the district administration office when it comes to solving real estate-related technical and economic issues..

However, the reputation of being a dusty administration rarely applies - we feel the desire for optimisation in every one of our mandates. And we actively support you in manifesting this desire.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Quick checks of your organisation
  • Identification and implementation of optimisation potential
  • Strategic structuring of building management and construction processing
  • Reorganisation of the decision making processes, the reporting system and committee communication
  • Team coaching and staff development

What benefit you receive

  • More efficient and economical structures
  • Optimised procedures and decision making processes
  • Support for committee decisions
  • Improved standing towards politics and the public
  • Creation of new trust - both externally and internally
  • Good information basis for budget planning
  • Expansion and regaining of room for manoeuvre

FAQ Municipal consulting

There are numerous requirements and objectives for future building projects on the part of politics - how do I succeed in implementing them?

What sounds trivial is not an easy task at all. There are often different perceptions among the various factions. Projects that have the highest priority one week may already be on hold the subsequent one due to external influences. It is worthwhile to clearly structure the process from the reception of project ideas to the receipt of concrete project assignments and to make it transparent. It is equally important, however, to carry out structured project analyses to show which requirements and which goals are realistic for the project and how the individual specifications affect economic efficiency, deadlines and quality.

What is the meaning of a "quick check" of an organisation?

A quick check forms a good foundation for organisational development. Various - previously agreed - topics are examined without going deeply into detail. It is only a brief recording of the status quo and a first rough assessment of the existing potentials. Proposed solutions are also only roughly outlined and not yet worked out in detail. We give our clients an overview of their organisation and the existing potential for improvement after just a few weeks with our quick checks. At the end of such a check, the following questions are addressed in consultation with the client: Which areas can be optimised quickly or where is a more long-term optimisation process needed? Which potentials can the client tackle himself or where is our or a third party's support required?

Is the restructuring of building management worthwhile?

Experience shows that numerous areas of responsibility, management disciplines and interests converge in building management. Due to these interfaces, efficiency losses and unclear distribution of tasks are often encountered although there is usually a lot of capital behind the matter of real estate. If you are unsure whether your building management is well positioned, we are more than happy to provide clarity through an organisational analysis and to address identified potentials with you afterwards.

Let's talk about how we can support your project

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