Investment management

We help you to achieve optimal investments

Before you invest and build up or expand a property portfolio, it is important to define the appropriate real estate strategy as part of your overall investment strategy. We will assist you with the process and will then also be measured on the implementation of the strategy. Starting with the market approach, through deal sourcing of suitable properties, to the complete management of the acquisition process, we provide you with comprehensive support in building up a diversified portfolio that will generate high returns in the long term.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Development of individual real estate/portfolio strategies
  • Assumption of market approach and professional deal sourcing
  • Initial assessment under strategic risk/return aspects as well as carrying out market and location analyses
  • Comprehensive purchase price estimates and yield calculations within the framework of business plans at property level
  • Transaction management and control of the due diligence process
  • Conducting purchase contract negotiations
  • Support with committee work
  • Post-signing support through to closing

What benefit you receive

  • All investment management services from a single source
  • Support from strategy development to successful acquisition
  • Structured approach to brokers, portfolio holders, project developers, cities and municipalities
  • Targeted and dynamic management of the transaction process
  • High market penetration and extensive network
  • Access to or initiation of off-market transactions
  • Recourse to numerous trustworthy partnerships from all areas of the real estate industry (architects, lawyers, specialist planners, banks, tax consultants, etc.)
  • Technical and commercial transaction expertise

FAQ Investment Management

What is the basic strategy for building and managing my real estate portfolio?

There is no one right strategy, but each investment strategy is customised according to the individual ideas in cooperation with the respective investor within the scope of his investment objectives, especially with regard to the types of use, the geographic focus and the return or risk profile. There is also no single right approach to management - we discuss with you what solution suits you best. From in-house management to external outsourcing of asset management services, all solutions are conceivable.

How do I acquire appropriate investment opportunities?

Fundamental to the successful acquisition of suitable investment opportunities is resilient market access and a professional network. For many investors, and especially in the portfolio-building process, it is advisable to work with a partner who has precisely this network in the industry. This partner can then assist you in placing your investor profile with a well-rounded "story" in the market, and in finding sufficiently attractive real estate offers for you.

What is a reasonable price for the property or land?

The appropriate price usually depends on a number of factors, including the specific asset class (residential, office, logistics, hotel, etc.), the location, the condition of the property, the risk profile (core, core+, value add, etc.) in combination with the strategy and the current market environment. Helping you to correctly assess the price and pointing out options is one of our core tasks.

What risks (e.g. CAPEX measures) does the property entail?

Every return is matched by a corresponding risk. That is why it is important to take the risks into account during the acquisition process. For this purpose, it is advisable to conduct a comprehensive due diligence in which the property is closely examined from a technical, commercial, legal, tax and ESG perspective. These findings are then taken into account in the business plan so that you receive a holistic overview of the asset to be purchased.

How do I structure the purchasing process?

The goal of a well-structured acquisition process is always the successful purchase of the property. Due to the large number of parties involved and to be controlled, such as lawyers, tax advisors, appraisers and technicians, it is advisable to coordinate and control the process from a single source. Only if all the information, in particular the results of the due diligence, converge in one place, is it guaranteed that the purchase can be successfully negotiated in your interest and brought to a successful conclusion. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive support for your transaction processes.

What do possible business plans and value enhancement potentials look like?

A good property business plan ideally covers the entire targeted holding period of the property and attempts to reflect all income and expenses in connection with the property as realistically as possible in a multi-period cash flow model. On the income side, this includes, among other things, the identification of potential for increasing value, such as a letting situation below market level (under rent) or potential for increasing space, and on the expenditure side, among other things, the depiction of the findings and results from the technical, legal and tax due diligence in the form of CAPEX, vacancy costs and development costs. We would be happy to support you in drawing up the right business plan with our many years of experience.

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