Management and networking

Make the right contacts and find partners

albrings + müller can rely on an extensive network from the most diverse areas of real estate business. This enables us to provide you with the support you need to find the right partner for your needs in the market. We bring investors, owners, capital providers and service providers together.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Access to or initiation of off-market transactions
  • Matching of seller, investment object and buyer
  • Management and optimisation of the entire transaction process
  • Individual market and competition sounding

What benefit you receive

  • All audit services coordinated from a single source
  • High market coverage and extensive network
  • Improved goal achievement through targeted and structured management of the transaction process
  • Discreet and structured off-market approach of business partners
  • Recourse to numerous trustworthy partnerships from all areas of the real estate industry (architects, lawyers, specialist planners, banks, tax consultants etc.)

FAQ Management and Networking

Where can I find properties that meet my requirements?

Before the actual search for real estate, the focus should always be on developing an individual strategy. What requirements do I as an investor have, for example, with regard to the types of use, the geographical focus and the return or risk profile? Then it is important to make the investor and acquisition profile known in the market. Without good market access, however, this will be difficult, so a partner with a comprehensive network and good market access is recommended. This partner will then help you to place your search profile optimally in the market in order to find enough suitable property offers for you.

What is the optimal transaction process for my property?

The goal of a well-structured acquisition process is always the successful purchase of the target property or the identification of risks at the earliest possible stage in the transaction. The basis for this is the conclusion of a Letter of Intent (LoI) at the beginning of the process, which already contains the essential purchase conditions as well as a professional and comprehensive due diligence. Ideally, this is based on a structured online data room, as well as on a technical, commercial, legal and tax investigation of the property. The findings from the due diligence then form the basis for the preparation of property business plans and the negotiation of the purchase contract.

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