Convincingwith performance,inspiringwith quality

Since its foundation, albrings + müller has developed into a unique brand in real estate consulting. The combination of technical and commercial know-how in-house and a deep interdisciplinary understanding make us stand out as real estate consultants. At the same time, we represent innovation and inspire with our energetic spirit. The only thing that matters in the end: the ideal solution for our clients. We have always achieved this to date.

Facts and development

In the course of our many years of professional experience, we, Christian Albrings and Steffen Müller, have recognized how crucial the bundling of technical and commercial expertise is for value-added real estate consulting and project development. Consequently, the joint founding of the company in 2015 was a step that was as logical as it was forward-looking.

A lot has happened since then: In our central service fields, we handle around 150 mandates a year for more than 100 clients. We have grown without losing any of our dynamism.

We build onprofessionalism

Our claim is clearly formulated: We want to professionalise the real estate world. If we can implement projects more effectively and work more efficiently for our clients with innovative solutions and processes, then we are the first to implement these steps. We have always grown with this in mind and are constantly evolving, not only for our clients but also for ourselves.

Values,that we live,promote anddemand




For us, freedom is defining the path to the destination by ourselves, realising our own ideas and developing ourselves. Mutual trust and a high degree of responsibility create the framework for this.




In order to make projects successful, we have to be direct. Sincere exchange and the ability to speak openly are basic prerequisites for us.




With us, everyone gets the same opportunities and complete mutual trust. Fair and appreciative interaction is standard, which also includes a healthy error culture that allows and reflects on mistakes in order to do better the next time.