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The city of Plochingen owns an inner-city site where, prior to the start of our project, the existing buildings were no longer up to date. In order to upgrade the area, entirely in the sense of inner-city development, a way was sought to turn the goals of the city administration's ambitious objectives for upgrading the area into reality. For this purpose, we proposed a specifically designed development model that enabled the city to implement the project itself with a development company that was founded for this purpose.


The built-up area in the centre of Plochingen is to shine in new splendour in 2024. Both buildings to be realised contain 20 residential units and a practice area. The project will be complemented by an underground car park and attractively designed outdoor facilities.

The urban policy goals are always at the forefront of this project. Accordingly, a particularly sustainable concept is being advanced for both the operation of the buildings and the construction method. For later use, a large proportion of social rental housing will be implemented. The goal of the city administration is to create attractive and affordable housing at the same time.

Due to the inner-city location and the resulting cramped spatial conditions, good planning for construction and intensive coordination with the neighbourhood is necessary.
The short planning and construction periods in particular make the project a special challenge.

Added value

The development model we have designed, which provides for the implementation of the project with a specially founded development company, makes it possible to realise the project largely independently of the usual processes of the city administration.
Nevertheless, the city acts as the developer with its shareholder function in the development company and the political goals thus find appropriate influence in the planning.
With our consultancy mandate, the effort that the city of Plochingen would have had as the developer was ultimately reduced to a necessary minimum.

Project data

  • Service area

    Development + Innovation

  • Solution

    Project analysis, Service development

  • Client

    Stadtbau Plochingen GmbH & Co. KG

  • Project

    Areal Brühlstraße

  • Location


  • Project value

    € 10,1 mio.

  • Project specifics

    Wood hybrid construction, short realisation phase due to chosen construction method; sustainability aspects: CO2 reduced construction, KfW55 EE standard, large share of social rental housing, spatially limited inner-city development

  • Timeframe

    Project analysis 11/2018 until 12/2018, Update 10/2020 until 11/2020, Service development 04/2022 until 09/2022

  • Gross floor area

    approx. 3,420 m²

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