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Client representation

LBBW's central buildings at Stuttgart's main railway station were built in the 1990s.

Based on a feasibility study in different variants, the bank has decided to subject these buildings to a maintenance refurbishment. The aim is to ensure that the buildings can continue to be used at a high level of quality and technology. In addition to creating new, flexible and attractive office environments, the refurbishment should also lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the two buildings concerned.

The refurbishment objects are a coherent building complex with up to eight floors above ground and three below ground. In terms of area, this is one of the largest office buildings in Germany. The planning and implementation of the measures will take place in several phases over several years.


One of the central challenges of the project is the implementation of all measures during ongoing business operations.

Therefore, construction logistics play a central role. In addition to taking safety requirements into account, the effects of the construction site such as dust, noise, supply and disposal on the ongoing bank operations must be coordinated and minimised. In addition to the location in the direct vicinity of Stuttgart's main railway station, which is also under construction, there are other significant challenges for the construction logistics, such as securing the publicly dedicated areas and ensuring the usability and availability of all bank-specific special areas.

In addition, one of the buildings to be renovated houses a group-owned day care centre for children, the operation of which is continuously guaranteed. Further challenges result from the sheer size of the buildings to be redeveloped with approx. 115,000 sqm of above-ground gross floor area and the basement floors with a mix of uses including public underground parking, storage areas and technical centres.

Added value

In cooperation with the client, a specific service profile was designed for the client representation to meet the requirements and circumstances in the project. Thus, we not only support the sub-project leaders at the operational level as sparring partners, but also advise the overall project leadership at the strategic level.

In this way, we bring our strengths to bear in a targeted manner to structure the project in terms of content and to support the client in achieving its project goals. Examples include the structuring and optimisation of the construction phases as well as the execution and award strategy.

Project data

  • Service area

    Construction + Operation

  • Solution

    Client representation

  • Client

    LBBW Corporate Real Estate Management GmbH

  • Location


  • Project specifics

    terms of area, this is one of the largest office buildings in Germany

  • Timeframe

    2021 to date

  • Gross floor area

    above-ground floors of buildings 1 and 2 over approx. 115,000 sqm

  • Project scope

    approx. 3,500 workplaces

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