Compact, well-founded and project-oriented

Are you a bank or financier looking to fund a project development, an investor looking to acquire a real estate project as part of a forward deal, or a municipality or builder hoping for more transparency in your own projects? Our comprehensive monitoring ensures that all costs, deadlines, benchmarks and key success-determining project parameters are monitored in the process and presented transparently for you.

From a comprehensive initial assessment of the costs, deadlines, qualities as well as the project setup, to the release recommendation for payment requests, to the monitoring of the acceptance process and a comprehensive project summary, we are at your side as commercial-technical real estate consultants.

What we can specifically provide for you

  • Continuous comparison of the current project situation with the objectives
  • Comprehensive initial assessment and follow-up of costs and deadlines
  • Assessment of key project characteristics such as quality, planning, award model and project responsibilities
  • Regular review of project progress through analysis of documents, on-site inspections and coordination with those responsible for the project
  • Monitoring of financing structures and disbursement requirements
  • Review and approval of defined purchase price payments
  • Development of recommendations for action to counteract deviations
  • Project-specific creation of tools for visual presentation
  • Compact and comprehensible consolidation of all findings

What benefit you receive

  • Regular, well-founded assessment of your project
  • Increasing the transparency of your costs and revenues
  • Avoidance of overpayments in the project through regular comparison with the actual planning and construction status
  • Early recognition of risks and their possible effects
  • Monitoring of compliance with benchmarks
  • Professional documentation of project progress

FAQ Monitoring

In which projects and for whom is project monitoring worthwhile?

Monitoring is particularly worthwhile for financing banks and financiers as well as investors in the context of forward deals. In addition, our project-specific monitoring can also be used by private developers, companies or municipalities in their own construction projects to create transparency.

What differentiates monitoring from representation of building contractor or project management?

In monitoring, all project-relevant parameters are monitored during the course of the project and processed in a comprehensible manner. The monitoring is based on the information and jointly agreed documents of the representation of building contractors or the project management. Monitoring thus serves as additional security for the client in addition to the parties responsible for the project.

How to ensure that the monitor receives all important information?

A smooth cooperation in the project is ensured through an early involvement of the monitoring as well as a clear and cooperative communication of the assignment of roles for all project responsibilities. The flow of information to the monitor can thus be managed profitably for all sides. In addition, the necessary information and processes for monitoring can be laid down in the loan agreement, credit agreement or construction contract.

How do I monitor the revenue-cost process?

Due to our distinctive link between technical and commercial real estate know-how, we are able to fully understand the dependencies between the cost and revenue side and present them to you transparently. This comprehensive understanding of the overall project situation gives you additional security and transparency between the success-determining dependencies in the project.

Are specified and market benchmarks achieved?

The achievement of defined processes and benchmarks is of utmost importance for the success of the project. Through our regular on-site inspections and the associated clarification discussions with those responsible for the project, we transparently demonstrate at an early stage whether the project in question is within the defined target range. In addition, we check whether the current project status is in line with standard market benchmarks based on our extensive market experience.

Does the construction progress fit the schedule and the planned payment statuses?

The comparison of the construction progress with the planned schedule and the disbursement status in the project is an essential indicator for the success of the overall project. Our project-specific tools regularly determine the construction status in a transparent and comprehensible manner and compare it with the schedule as well as existing invoices and payment claims. By weighting and determining the construction progress in a way that is adapted to the specific project, a standard procedure is avoided and greater security and reliability is ensured for you.

How do I recognise deviations from the construction target in my project?

Depending on your interests, the actual construction progress is regularly analysed with the defined construction target under jointly defined aspects. Sub-areas such as the awarding of contracts, planning, quality and the marketing status are also included in the overall analysis. If deviations from the construction target become apparent, the reasons for this situation are investigated on the basis of all project-relevant parameters and discussed with the project managers in a goal-oriented manner.

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