Procedural + competition support

Reliable support in all proceedings

Under public procurement law, public authorities and public bodies are obliged to put their services out to public tender and are thus obliged to initiate corresponding processes and carry out procedures. This begins, for example, with the sale of urban properties or the implementation of planning surveys and competitions. We prepare these procedures with your goals in mind, determine initial scenarios and put the corresponding service out to tender for you. We then carry out the procedure and document everything in an audit-proof award file so that you find the ideal investor, planner or construction contractor for your public project.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Holistic preparation, implementation and documentation of award procedures and competitions
  • Award procedures in accordance with the german "Vergabefahren gemäß Vergabeverordnung (VgV)"
  • Planning and investor selection procedures
  • Multiple commissions for optimal planning solutions
  • Architectural competitions and planning appraisals in accordance with the Guidelines for the german "Richtlinie für Planungsgutachten und Wettbewerbe (RPW)"
  • Technical and economic advice in the award processes beyond the pure preliminary examination

What benefit you receive

  • Secure and structured selection of investors as well as planning and construction partners
  • Comprehensive and transparent award documentation
  • Safeguarding of price and quality through clearly defined selection criteria
  • Qualified selection of ideas and concepts
  • Goal-oriented and optimised integration into the overall project process

FAQ Procedural and competition support

How do I find the right partners for my project?

We structure the individual tender for both public and non-public clients on the basis of the jointly defined target and selection criteria. We accompany you through the entire award process up to the conclusion of the contract and document the results in an audit- and court-proof manner.

Which procedure is best for me as a public authority when I want to dispose of a property?

For you as a public authority or municipality, there are various options for disposing of a property and at the same time complying with the budgetary regulations and the provision of public services. Either through a classic investor procedure or an award procedure individually structured to your development goals, e.g. with an integrated concept or competence competition. Furthermore, innovative corporate structures as municipal development companies are also conceivable if the public sector does not actually want to sell the property.

What specifications do I have to comply with?

In principle, the requirements of public procurement law are binding, but other procedures may be permissible under certain conditions. We work closely alongside you through the entire process, safeguarding key decisions with external legal counsel and can guarantee that the relevant deadlines and requirements are met through a structured approach.

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