Business consulting

Customised consulting for your organisation

Regardless of whether real estate is the focus of your value chain or only a "means to an end" so that you can fulfil your actual business purpose: We help you to exploit all optimisation potentials with regard to real estate and construction projects with our holistic approach to management consulting.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Identification of optimisation potential
  • Improvement and downsizing of operational processes
  • Optimisation of organisational structure and strategic planning
  • Reorganisation and restructuring of the organisation
  • Establishment of integrated controlling systems and reporting structures
  • Team coaching and personnel development
  • Development of real estate strategies

What benefit you receive

  • More efficient and economical structures
  • Optimised operating processes
  • Improved corporate profitability
  • Return to normal business operations with full capacity to act
  • Expansion and regaining of room for manoeuvre
  • Improved future viability of the company as a whole
  • Creation of new trust - externally as well as internally

FAQ business consulting

Where is there potential for optimisation in my organisation?

There is potential for optimisation in every organisation, but even if we work precisely and focus on quality, it is our belief that it is rarely worth striving for 100 % perfection. Where processes are unstructured, decision making competences are non-transparent and responsibilities are unclear, that is usually where we come in. We have constant insight into a wide variety of organisations and know the main sticking points - and so far we have always found what we are looking for. We would be happy to identify the optimisation potential in your company within the framework of an organisational quick check and then, of course, support you in realising it - and always with customised solutions.

How can my company regain its ability to act?

If you fall short of your corporate goals, you can count on us. We will support you in various ways: As a sparring partner at management level, we help you get back on track and we are there to support you with both know-how and capacity.

Which system errors lead to friction losses in the company?

For instance, system errors can be unclear decision making powers and responsibilities, complex interfaces or an unsuitable organisational structure. These points are often recognised by an external view more easily than from the internal viewpoint during the processing of day-to-day business. Are you doing the right things and are you doing things right? We would be more than happy to examine this together with you and track down ineffectiveness and inefficiency in the process.

Which strategies are suitable for my project?

The decisions made at the beginning of a project are often decisive for its success. Whether you only need a second opinion or someone to develop a strategy for you from scratch - our experts will support you.

Let's talk about how we can support your project

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