Digitisation and tools

Exploiting the advantages of digitalisation

In recent years, many organisations have started to file all their documents digitally and have been working largely paperless ever since. But if this is the beginning of digitisation, how does it continue and where does it actually end?

We are of the opinion that there is no end in sight. Even today, the potential for improvement through digital networking or even the digital restructuring and automation of business processes is huge. We support you from the definition of a holistic digitisation strategy to the selection and implementation of concrete workflows and software solutions according to your specific requirements and use cases - so you can stay on top of things.

What we can specifically do for you

  • Analysis of your current work methods with regard to the degree of digitalisation
  • Identification of optimisation potential
  • Creation of holistic digitisation strategies
  • Discussion of specific use cases
  • Derivation of requirements for possible digital solutions and support in their selection and implementation
  • Design of customised tools for your individual application

What benefit you receive

  • A holistic overview of tools in the construction and real estate industry
  • Best practice examples from other organisations
  • Independent assessment and selection of suitable applications
  • Individual solutions in case of specific requirements
  • Support in the step-by-step implementation of digitisation measures

FAQ Digitisation and tools

Which software is right for my organisation?

In the DACH region alone, there are about 500 so-called prop-tech companies that contribute to the digital transformation of the real estate and construction industry with their software solutions. It is not easy to keep track of them all. We know the relevant tools for every area of application - from property management to leasing and sales to cost management in construction projects - and we know what is important in the selection process. We will gladly help you find and implement the right software for your needs.

How do I involve my employees on the path of digitalisation?

Even the best digital solution is useless if it is not applied. Therefore, it is important to always involve the employees in the considerations and to know their approach. Depending on the specific project, we recommend a different scope for the accompanying change process. Training seminars, workshops and initial surveys can all lead to the desired result. Which is always not to leave any employees behind and to inspire as many as possible - from digital natives to digital immigrants - for the project.

How should I implement new tools in my organisation?

Once the right tool has been found, the implementation is often a tour de force: In addition to the integration into the existing IT landscape, trainings for the employees have to be carried out. It is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture - it is usually not enough to only train the use of the software. Often, existing processes have to be updated, systems for the use of the tool have to be defined and authorisations have to be specified on the basis of the decision-making competences and areas of responsibility of the employees.

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